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Our Dungeon Fantasy PCs

I won't be posting recaps here, but sometimes it's useful to have an easily referenced list of PCs:

List of PCs for "Dragon's Dusk"
Our dark GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game set in Araterre (GURPS Banestorm)

Aymeric Fortemps
High Elf Wizard
Played by Ben M.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Aymeric was a bard; he is a member of the noble court, an accomplished flautist, and (with the help of his Food spells) one of the greatest cooks in Araterre. His social skills help grease the wheels of Dragon's Dusk's activities as well. His magical talents tend toward defense, utility, and mental intrusion, though he can toss a fireball with the best of them.

Connor Wellspring
Human Alchemist/Knight
Played by PK

As a member of Elan Mortel (the assassins' guild), Connor specializes in both crafting poisons and delivering them at swordpoint. He and Lizette are partners; Connor acknowledges that her arrows are usually the best way to convey his concoctions. Despite being an assassin, Connor sleeps well at night because, at heart, he's a greedy jerk who doesn't care much about people. Still, he'll never screw over his "partners" (the other PCs), and although he'll deny it until his dying breath, he's incredibly close friends with Lizette.

Ian Flynt
Dwarf Elementalist
Played by Ben C.

Sometimes people come to Dragon's Dusk for something "impossible" -- a secret island base, off of any maps and tailored to their specifications. That's Ian's specialty. Over the course of many months, his judicious use of the Volcano spell and his earth and water elementals make this possible, after which he has his memory of it wiped. Most people wouldn't guess that he was a spellcaster, as he wears full plate and wields dual axes (for the parry only; he relies on spells and his bound water blaster for attacks).

Lizette Frost
Shadow Elf Ninja/Scout
Played by Mouse

Connor's partner on Elan Mortel missions, Lizette is a counterpoint to his dour grumpiness. She's perpetually cheerful, even (especially) when murdering people from a distance. While she knows to keep mission details a secret, she tells everyone about her assassinations in general, as she's under the misimpression that this makes her a "hero." She's stealthy even for a ninja and is almost as good with her kusarigama as with her bow.

Nymph Holy Warrior of Beauty and Games
Played by Alex P.

A day's travel southeast of Araterre, Blivet Island is home to a mix of Mayans, Toltecs, and Aztecs, and it's the latter who took in Pholora when she decided to explore mortal civilization. She became a high priestess of Xochipilli (pronounced "shoak-ee-pee-lee"), but eventually absconded when the tribe's overprotectiveness became stifling. Her distaste for the Abrahamic religions convinced her that being an outcast was a good thing, so Saxton introduced her to Dragon's Dusk.

Saxton Hale
Human Barbarian
Played by Jesse

The only party member working for Dragon's Dawn instead of Dragon's Dusk, Saxton is huge, cheerful, and completely nude except for a small loincloth and large hat decorated with the teeth of his favorite kills. He's a raucous carouser who knows his way around a port town and is also an expert seafarer. In a fight, he prefers to wrestle, as he can pop an ogre's head off with one good squeeze. With his pet kangaroo Sheila, he's journeyed everywhere from the Ring Islands to Cardiel.

Former PCs

Jeff Mitra, Goblin Cleric of Ganesha (Commerce): A shrewd businessman and face man with a silver tongue.

Michael Stormscale, Dragon-Blooded Mystic Knight: A powerful warrior secretly working with the Knights Inhuman.
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