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Sun, Jun. 11th, 2017, 05:17 pm
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: Power Block (new combat perk)

Precis - A new combat perk for anyone who obtains DR via a power, along with a minor power-up for rage barbarians.
A GURPS Dungeon Fantasy combat perk for anyone who obtains DR via a power. This includes druids, elementalists, martial artists, mentalists, and many varieties of cleric or holy warrior -- plus see below for rage barbarians.

Power Block
1 point

Prerequisite: Damage Resistance with a power modifier.

In a pinch, you can attempt to double the DR that you obtain from your power against a single attack. For example, a druid with Damage Resistance 2 (Limited, Elemental; PM) could raise his DR to 4, though it would still be limited to elemental sources. It has no effect on any other DR (e.g., from armor or a racial template), only the powered DR. This is considered an active defense for all purposes (which means it's impossible if you just made an All-Out Attack); this usually means it's only the best option when your other active defenses are unavailable or heavily penalized, or when faced with a threat which cannot be avoided via another active defense (such as a large area-effect attack).

Your defense roll is against (Will + power Talent)/2 + 3, with another +1 for Combat Reflexes or Enhanced Time Sense. Success doubles your powered DR against this one attack; this normally lasts for only an instant, but against ongoing threats (e.g., a forest fire), success buys you a minute of doubled DR, after which you may attempt another power block to maintain it. However, failure drops your powered DR to 0 against this attack, and because this counted as an active defense, you cannot attempt another unless you took All-Out Defense (Doubled Defense).

If you have DR from multiple powers, you may attempt a single power block for all of them, using the lowest power Talent.

Perk: Extra Option (Power Block) [1].

Rage Barbarians

Rage barbarians may buy Damage Resistance 1-2 (PM, -10%; Tough Skin, -40%) [3 or 5]. However, their total DR from Rage and the Shirtless Savage lens cannot exceed 5. A rage barbarian may take the Power Block perk, but his roll is based on HT instead of Will. (If he needs to power block with multiple powers, use the lowest effective active defense roll.)