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Sun, Jun. 18th, 2017, 06:13 pm
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: Magical Trapsmith (new artificer/thief power-up)

Precis - Rules for using Traps to disarm magical hazards, plus a power-up so that artificers and thieves can be better at it.
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy rules and a power-up for disarming magical traps without Alchemy or Thaumatology skill. The power-up is intended for artificers and thieves, though the GM may allow it as a general utility power-up for anyone who meets the prerequisite.

Thaumatological Traps

Most magic-based traps (e.g., Evil Runes) require either the Thaumatology skill or the Alchemy skill to recognize and, if possible, disarm. However, it makes sense that those who train extensively in trapsmithing would pick up some techniques for handling mystical versions. As such, anyone may substitute Traps for Alchemy or Thaumatology, for the sole purpose of dealing with magical traps, but all rolls are at an additional -7. In no way does this give you any of the other benefits of those skills; you cannot use Traps to brew potions or answer general questions about magic, at any penalty!

(Justification: This is in line with an IQ-7 default -- though for game purposes each would be considered an Average Traps technique, as shown below, not an actual defaulted skill.)

Magical Trapsmith†
7 points

Prerequisite: Traps at IQ+2.

You must specialize in Alchemy or Thaumatology when you take this power-up. (You may take it twice, for both.) When faced with a trap which requires that particular magical skill to spot, figure out, disarm, etc., you may instead roll against Traps skill.

Technique: Magical Trapsmith (A) Traps [7].