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Fri, Jul. 21st, 2017, 01:33 pm
Loot Crate Review: 2017 July

I'm reviewing (in brief) each month's Lootcrate (standard), so I have something I can point friends to when they're curious about whether to sign up. For the record, I'm also a member of Lootcrate Socks, which I think is an absolute must-have for any geeky sock fanatic; I've never felt like I didn't get my full money's worth there, so I'm not going to review them (consider them to consistently score B+ to A+).

Basically each review is going to state what value I feel that I, personally, got out of the box, compared to the $20 cost of it. The dollar amounts are not MSRP, but instead what I'd have been willing to pay for such a thing (or the value I expect to get when I trade it in).

Loot Crate: July 2017

TMNT Van Classic T-Shirt: Retro and simple in a good way, and I like that the dark-green color both fits the concept and is an uncommon T-shirt color; I have too many black shirts and white shirts already. $20

Bob's Burger of the Day: A box set of recipe cards from the show? Oh hell yes, sign me up! As both a foodie and fan of the show, I rate this very highly; if you're neither, knock it down a few pegs. $15

Futurama "Slurm" Coozies: Does anyone actually use coozies? They seem to exist as just a promotional item. As coozies go, these are cute, though. $2

Rick Sanchez "Peace Among Worlds" Figure: Okay, a custom fig of Rick giving the double-bird is hilarious. I'm only a mild fan of the show; if you're a superfan, you're probably willing to murder for this. $10

Gene Burger Suit Pin + DLC: Like I said, huge fan of Bob's Burgers, so I would've actually bought this pin. I'll actually use the DLC (bonus items for Animation Throwdown), as that game is a decent timewaster, but I wouldn't have paid for it. $3

The Box: Bob's Burger Board Display: As with most LC boxes, this makes a great gift box, but it has a double-use as a (pre-scored) display for the Burger of the Day recipe cards, for when you're cooking with them. Great idea! $3

Total Value: $53 (265%)