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Wed, Sep. 6th, 2017, 07:47 pm
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: The Sorcerer revisited

Antoni Ten Monros' Pyramid 3/82: Magical Creations introduced the sorcerer to GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. It's a great article and well written template, but with the benefit of a few years' hindsight, I have some suggested changes to help maintain game balance. Please note that this is not errata, as nothing in the article is a mistake; think of this post more as clarifications and suggested house rules. In particular, this is how sorcery works in our DF games.

Rituals and FP Cost

Alternative Rituals (Sorcery, p. 7) are in effect. Optionally, the GM may allow the additional rituals from "Super-Sorcery!" (Pyramid 3/105: Cinematic Magic) on a case-by-case basis; note that this is a permanent change to how your character works magic.

However, experience has shown that it can be unbalancing for sorcerers to invoke alternative rituals to cast repeated spells with no FP cost in a fight. Because of that, the following rule is in effect: Every sorcerous spell with no FP cost takes the longer of normal casting time or (1d+1)/2 seconds to cast (round up). Roll for this when beginning to cast; if you don't like the result, you can abort, wasting your action this turn. In most noncombat situations, you can simply ignore this limitation.

Damage Limits

Instead of limiting dice of damage by Sorcery Talent, your limit is 1 + (Sorcerous Empowerment level)/2. Round down. (Exception: If your Sorcery is Limited in any way, round up; this makes focused blasters more viable.) A spell can do up to 1d+1 damage per level and still respect this limit; past that, the GM will need to adjust the limit proportionately.

Sorcery Max Damage Sorcery Max Damage
1 1d (2d*) 7 4d (5d*)
2 2d 8 5d
3 2d (3d*) 9 5d (6d*)
4 3d 10 6d
5 3d (4d*) 11 6d (7d*)
6 4d 12 7d

* If your Sorcerous Empowerment is Limited.

Secret Teleportation Spell

This can't be learned as a normal sorcery spell and should cost the full 100 points. (This might qualify as errata; I need to discuss it with Kromm.)

PK's "Costs Fatigue" House Rule

Per my house rules, Costs Fatigue should be -10%/level instead of -5%. Therefore, the version bundled into the Sorcery power modifier needs to be weakened slightly. As such, all indefinite spells cost 1 FP every 10 minutes instead of every minute.Precis - A few suggested changes to the sorcerer, a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy template from Pyramid 3/82: Magical Creations.