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Wed, Sep. 20th, 2017, 12:47 pm
Lootcrate Review: September 2017

I'm reviewing (in brief) each month's standard Loot Crate, so I have something I can point friends to when they're curious about whether to sign up. For the record, I'm also a member of Loot Wear Socks, which I think is an absolute must-have for any geeky sock fanatic; I've never felt like I didn't get my full money's worth there, so I'm not going to review them (consider them to consistently score B+ to A+).

Basically each review is going to state what value I feel that I, personally, got out of the box, compared to the $20 cost of it. The dollar amounts are not MSRP, but instead what I'd have been willing to pay for such a thing (or the value I expect to get when I trade it in).

Loot Crate: September 2017

Wallace Corporation T-Shirt: Huh? Oh, it's from Blade Runner. I'm not enough of a fan to know the name of the company. I'll probably re-gift this. $0

Star Trek "Mirror Broken" Comic: The origin of Mirror Universe Data . . . man, that is a really specific origin story. Not something I really wanted, so I think I'll keep this sealed to maximize its trade-in value, which I'm guessing will be $1.

Wooden R2-D2 "IncrediBuild" Kit: Sometimes I feel like I'm the only geek in the world who doesn't like Star Wars. So, more than most crates, it's important that you assess your own value here. For me, it's the trade-in value which I'll peg at $5.

Alien "Queen Takes Bishop" Mini-Fig: A very cute figurine depicting a cool scene. I don't plan on keeping it, but it's definitely something I appreciate. Trade-in estimate of $3.

"Loot Bot" Pin: Surprisingly adorable! I probably wouldn't have bought it on its own, but I'll wear it. $2

DLC: Not working! Supposedly, there's a Ghost in the Shell comic, but it isn't up on the site yet, and no indication of what the other DLC might be. $0

The Box: Cog Crispies: This may seem weird, but I love this box! It's a faux cereal box that may be the greatest gift box ever -- so much detail, from hilarious Nutritional Facts to games on the back. I'm really impressed. $5

Total Value: $16 (80%)