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Rufus Undertree, a Torg Eternity PC

Rufus was a Keefee Haroo, always a loner who never quite fit in in any tribe. When he heard of the tunnels between the Living Land's Merretika and Aysle's Land Between, he knew he had to explore them. Emerging into a world of fantasy and wonder, Rufus transformed into Aysle's reality almost instantly, and left his old life behind without hesitation. A circle of holy theurgists mistook him for a hobbit, and taught him their blend of magic and faith. Rufus experienced his Moment of Crisis when called upon to defend his laity from Utherion's dark forces, and  when the Storm Knights came, he saw an opportunity to make the world a better place.

Rufus is a devoted worshiper of Audros, God of The Storm, a dual-natured deity whose rains bring nourishment and life to the world, but whose swift lightning smites those with evil in their hearts. Rufus reflects this in his approach to most situations, either choosing a defensive and carefully measured tactic, or attempting shock and awe (which may mean anything from intimidation to flying above the enemy and raining death from above). Sometimes there's a fine line between bipolar disorder and true faith.

This character concept started when my train of thought ran from "I wonder of the Aysle sourcebook will have hobbits" to "Wait, we already have hobbits in another cosm." Rufus isn't particularly balanced, mind you -- I freely admit he's a somewhat silly, min-maxed, special snowflake. He's incredible at his areas of arcane mastery, but not much else, and one called shot could take him out. Still, the combination of his Very Small racial ability and halfway decent Dexterity keeps him surprisingly survivable despite his (heh) shortcomings.

Keefee (from The God Box)

Home Cosm
Aysle: Magic 24, Social 16, Spirit 18, Tech 14

Charisma 6
Dexterity 8
Mind 6
Spirit 14
Strength 6

Skills - Combat
Dodge +3 (Dexterity) = 11
Skills - Interactions
Intimidation +0 (Spirit) = 14
Maneuver +0 (Dexterity) = 8
Taunt +1 (Charisma) = 7
Trick +0 (Mind) = 6
Skills - Other
Apportation +3 (Spirit) = 17
Conjuration +3 (Spirit) = 17
Faith +3 (Spirit) = 17
Reality +3 (Charisma*) = 9

Miracles (Light)
Spellcaster (Mage)
Small Size (double clothing/armor cost, Small weapons only, often mistaken for a child)
Unique (only one per party, may draw attention)
Very Small (-4 to be hit, about 1m tall)

Dodge 11 (effectively 15 with Very Small)
Melee 8 (effectively 12 with Very Small)
Unarmed 8 (effectively 12 with Very Small)
Toughness 9 (6 + 3)
Shock 14
Wounds 3

Healing (Sp10)
Soothe (Sp7)
Ward Enemy (Sp8)

Fly (M14)
Lightning (M14)
Portal (M14)

Armor, Elven Chain, Keefee-Tailored ($1,000, Tech 12, Armor +3, Torso, Max Dex 10)

Advancement Track:
5 XP: Strong-Willed
7 XP: Mind 7
7 XP: Miracles (add bless)
8 XP: Mind 8
9 XP: Spellcaster (add shield)

* House rule. Recommended for reasons explained here. Actually, Rufus is a great example of how potent Spirit already is; if his reality skill were Spirit-based it'd be 17, making his Soak rolls ridiculous as well.
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