Rev. Pee Kitty (peekitty) wrote,
Rev. Pee Kitty

New GURPS Ability: Omnicontact

Extensive playtesting has shown that this ability is simply too potent for the price. I'm not sure how to rework it, but may shift to Modular Abilities instead as suggested in the comments.

20 ponts/level

You know people everywhere. Once per session per level of this ability (if the GM permits multiple levels), you can declare that you have a nearby Contact. The GM must approve the Contact (no saying, "I just so happen to be best friends with the leader of the bad guys, so I ask him nicely to stop") but should take your needs into account for anything short of derailing the campaign.

Decide how high-ranking (effective skill) the Contact is when you use this ability; this affects their reliability. A skill-15 Contact is Completely Reliable. A skill-18 Contact is Usually Reliable. And a skill-21 Contact is Somewhat Reliable.

Statistics: Wild Talent (Wild Ability Only, +0%) [20]; Special Effect: Based on Contacts instead of power abilities.
Tags: gurps
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