Rev. Pee Kitty (peekitty) wrote,
Rev. Pee Kitty

Everything finally moved to MyGURPS wiki!

I've just completed an important transition. Everything on this LiveJournal that isn't a game recap, character sketch, etc. has been moved onto the new version of my website "MyGURPS." At the same time, all of the content that was originally available (on the old, hand-coded version) has been moved as well.

Check it out at

I'm really happy about this, as the wiki has a consistent, clean look and is SO MUCH EASIER to update. It's the reason I've added so much content from other games -- I can just throw it on there and go. Ironically, the GURPS stuff fell behind because I keep procrastinating on converting it all over. But no more.

(I left links on this LJ wherever something got moved. And to answer the question of, "But why didn't you leave it up on LJ and also on the wiki?", the answer is version control. Having just one copy in one place means I only need to update/edit one thing when something needs tweaking.)

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